Sunday, July 15

Weekend Pictures

Here are some pictures of our weekend... swimming & dinner at TGIFridays with Sammy's TI team:

Sydney & Nick (sporting his "new" bellybutton!)

Samuel swimming with Daddy

"Flash" laying out by the pool
(I joked that he looks like he's allergic to the sun!)

Sydney's new friend, Rebecca

Samuel's new friends, Reagan, Sarah & Eli

Samuel & Rebecca

Nick enjoying Daddy's chocolate dessert

Sydney & her crazy face!
(She has learned to cross her eyes)

Espinosa Kids sitting on the stairs to our condo


Jenn said...

The kids look great! I am really glad that they are making new friends! Nick's belly button looks great! Samuel and his costumes -I love it! And Sydney is so cute and silly!

We miss you all!

Lynn said...

Love the pictures! I am so glad the kids are making new friends. Post your address and I would love to send the kids a care package.
Hope Sam's eye is much better!

Dana Lynne said...

Such cute and fun pictures! It's so great to know (and to see) that the kiddos are adjusting well and making new friends!!! We're so happy for you guys! :)

Heather said...

Looks like you guys are already fitting right in! Glad everyone is doing well (eye included)!

Lindsay said...

I am so impressed with how quickly everyone seems to be adjusting. You all look like you are having the time of your lives. I am so happy. God is so good. Thanks for keeping us posted on what is going on. Way to go on Conjunctivitis - and the cheap doctor bill! We love and miss you.


Jenn said...

You know? I thought Sydney's suit was pink a few pics back? Does she have two???

Hee - hee - just could not resist!