Tuesday, June 22

Lucky Peterson

When we moved back to the States in July 2009, I purchased an iPhone & was assigned a very lucky number! Apparently, my current phone number used to belong to a famous jazz musician - Lucky Peterson. In the year that I've owned my phone, I've received numerous phone calls & texts for Lucky. They average about 1 a day... for a year! This guy is definitely in demand!

Within the course of all those calls & texts, I had pieced together that Lucky was a musician & either lived or lives in Dallas. Until one day, I received a call from a very chatty man telling me all about Mr. Peterson. He finally told me I needed to Google him to learn more about this amazing musician. So, I did. And, I was amazed at what all this guy has done in his 45 years on earth.

He started entertaining at the age of 3 & has since been on the Ed Sullivan Show & The Tonight Show. He's played with Etta James & B.B. King. He's toured all over the world & he volunteers his time with a children's choir at a church somewhere in Dallas. (This I know from receiving multiple texts from the choir director.) I've received calls & texts from New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco & many more. From Paris, London & the Virgin Islands. I've received calls from managers & club owners, all wanting to book Lucky. I've received texts from friends asking to be put on the event list so they can get in to hear his music. Everybody wants a piece of Lucky!

However, it seems the one thing Lucky hasn't yet done is forward his mobile number & inform his friends/fans of his new information. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked for his new number. I might have been able to book some additional shows for him...

So, Lucky Peterson, if you happen to read this post, I have a few texts to send your way. (I had a few voicemails, as well, but I might have already deleted those.) And, if you want to pass on your new contact number, I will be glad to inform all those who continuously ask me how to reach you. Because, I can assure you, they get quite a shock when this white Texas girl answers their call! It's very comical to hear them get so flustered.

And, just for kicks, I'll include my very favorite text for you... one that I'll never erase:

"Peace to my blues brother- guess I may won't be seein you much ever agin. Dats da blues & ya gots to deal w it. Got another bluesfest dn here. Johnny walker bluesfest on St John. Last month was St Thomas. Somebody gots to gets you down here. The livins easy & womens hot cha cha cha cha. Peace Luck & hairgrese. Funky Ray"

You can't let Funky Ray down!! This guy needs you, Lucky!! ;-)

And, if you ever have a show in Dallas, I think my husband & I need to come meet you. We would LOVE to hear you play!

(Signing out with my new favorite closing line...)
Peace, Luck & Hairgrease,