Monday, October 27

Book Suggestions Needed

I am reading to Sydney's first grade class on Wednesday, but I have yet to choose a book. Her teacher would like us to read a book that either had special meaning to us as children or has special meaning to our children. Or, Sydney's favorite book. Or, a book that tells about our American culture.


I am drawing a complete blank! Sydney's favorite books are all about princesses & Barbie. Not quite what first grade boys want to hear me read. And, I just cannot think of anything else that fits into any of the other categories.

So, I would love to hear your suggestions, if you have any. I have tomorrow & Wednesday morning to find a great book at the school library. What would you read?

Sunday, October 26

Famous Smile!

Nick's Toddler Class at Brent last year was photographed for the new school posters, website, literature, etc. His million dollar smile is now plastered online & around town with the rest of the adorable children from his class. I don't think they could have picked a cuter set of kids!

Here he is underneath the billboard that sits on the road in front of the school:

(On the billboard, he is the 3rd from the right.)

Friday, October 24


Here is a photo of some beautiful flowers that line our front sidewalk. (I'm ashamed to say I have no idea what kind they are, but I try to imagine that I live in Hawaii every time I look at them!) Our wonderful gardener that has worked at this house for over 15 years keeps the gardens looking spectacular through the blistering sun & torrential rains. I can only dream of having a yard this beautiful in Texas. (Or of having a gardener come tend to our Texas lawn twice a week!)

Sam has recently surprised me with a dozen fresh Baguio roses. The first time he brought them to me, we were meeting for dinner at a new restaurant & the staff assumed it was our anniversary. I told Sam how sad that they think I would head to our anniversary dinner in jeans with my hair pulled up in a ponytail and not a stitch of makeup on! But, we didn't correct them...

The second time he brought home a dozen white roses, but I didn't take a picture before they met their trash can grave. They were beautiful though! I wonder what color I'll get next...

Wednesday, October 8

Happy Birthday Sam!

Happy 33rd birthday to my sweet husband! We spent the weekend celebrating in Manila with friends & then enjoyed dinner out with a few families on his actual birthday last night. We had a great time!

Sam, the kids & I love you very much & are so thankful that you take such great care of us all!

Thursday, October 2

A visit to NASA...

Okay, not really. It's about as close as we'll get until we move back to the states.

This statue was outside the TGIFridays restaurant we ate at on Saturday & the kids wanted their picture with it, of course! After 3 hours in the opthamologist office & another 2 at the dentist, it was the least I could do.

Wednesday, October 1


I'm not sure how they can be comfortable, but after a full day of playing with friends, they crashed hard:


Samuel (with boxing gloves & glasses)

Passed out!