Monday, March 29

Just another manic Monday...

Nicholas has been having night terrors for a while now. He had a couple of episodes while we lived overseas, each lasting about 2 months. And, now he's started back up. I've read up on these & know that I'm not supposed to wake him from an "attack", but it goes against every fiber in my being to just let my baby continue to cry & scream, "Help me, Mommy!" Which is exactly what he did last night.

Usually, they are no more than uncontrollable crying & sobbing. Which is quite enough to tear at my fragile heartstrings. However, last night's episode was the worst yet. From the moment it started, he was babbling some incoherent phrases in between the cries. The words I could understand were "please", "no" and "they". That's it. And, then he started really crying out, "Help me, Mommy! Please help me!" And, of course, I cried right along with him. I held him & rocked him & talked soothingly to him, but of course, he can't hear or see me. He's completely asleep. So, while my reassurances may have helped me get through his episode, it did nothing to console him.

Eventually, he calmed down & I laid him back on his pillow. But, the pain of hearing him cry out to me & not being able to be in his dream haunted me for the rest of the evening. I will be so relieved when he finally outgrows the night terrors & is able to sleep peacefully through the night!


Earlier today, the boys were standing in the kitchen, playing with their Legos on the island. They were talking to each other & I briefly overheard Samuel say, "Nick, I really missed you." HUH?! I was so shocked to hear my 8-year-old confess such sweet words to his younger brother that he tortures on a regular basis. Then, he said it again, while pointing to a Lego structure they were building, "Nick, there's something missing."

Ah yes. That makes more sense.


Easter has snuck upon me this year. I have not planned for it at all! Not. At. All. So, I need some help. What does your family do to celebrate Easter? What does the Easter bunny leave in your childrens' baskets? I have a few family traditions that we'll continue to keep, but I enjoy hearing what you & your family do to commemorate this joyous occasion. Let me know...