Sunday, August 16

California Family

We recently visited Sam's family in San Diego during our June trek back to Texas & while there, we were able to meet up with some of my family from the Los Angeles area. This was my first time to meet several of my family members & I was so excited to finally connect with my cousins!

Our entire clan...

Cousins - Mike, Amberly & Debi

The little guys
Alakai & Samuel standing
Nicholas & Sydney sitting

I was thrilled to spend an evening getting to know my family better. I can't wait to see you all again soon & meet even more family members!

All the pictures from our fun evening can be seen here.

Wednesday, August 12

Wishing for a Wii

This afternoon, Nick & I were tossing a ball to each other down the hotel hallway. (We do what we gotta do to keep from getting bored!) While we were playing, Sam called me from work to pass on some good news. So, while we were still playing catch, I exclaimed on the phone, "That's great, Sammy! I'm so happy for you!" Nick immediately looked at me & excitedly yelled, "Daddy got a Wii?"

Guess what Nick wants for his birthday...

Monday, August 10

Booty Bonking Twins

Our Monday morning so far...

Samuel comes limping in my bedroom, holding his "private" area.

Mom: "What happened?"
Sam: "Sydney kicked me."
Mom: "In between your legs?"
Sam: "Yep."
Mom: "SYDNEY... come here please."
Syd: "Yes, Mom?"
Mom: "Did you kick Samuel in his private parts?"
Syd: "Well, he stuck his butt in my face."
Sam: (laughing) "It's true. I bonked her with my booty."

This hotel life is making us all a little crazy!