Monday, September 27

Reason Number 95,239 Why I Love Living Here...

A very rare opportunity to view a whale shark, or butanding, up close!

This monstrous creature has been swimming the waters of Subic Bay for 5 days now & cannot seem to find his way back out into the ocean. This provided a unique opportunity for our family to watch him for a while. We were all mesmerized by his smooth, slow movement back & forth along the cement wall. We followed him as far as we could along the wall, then ran back to the other side to wait for him to appear again. And, it was thrilling each & every time we caught a glimpse of him! His graceful swimming & beautiful markings never ceased to amaze us!

(Article from Subic Times online website.)

I've said it before & I'll say it again... I am so grateful for the chance to live overseas & experience life in the Philippines! We loved it the first time around & we are loving it here again!!