Thursday, April 24

Oops, he did it again...

There is just not a graceful bone in little Nick's body. Poor guy.

As he & his brother & sister were running around the living room tonight, Nick slipped on the hardwood floor & landed smack dab on his chin. And, like it always seems to do, his skin just split open in the shape of an "L". Why doesn't he just get a bruise or a raised knot like most kids? Maybe he just has super thin skin. Is there a name for a condition like this - where skin splits open so easily? I just don't get it. Sydney & Samuel were never injured this much.

Anyway, after cleaning up his wound, I realized he might need stitches again. Unfortunately, Sam was not home from work yet & I wasn't quite sure where the closest clinic was. So, I texted a few friends & the twins' teacher was the first to respond. She informed me that a school nurse was always at the school until 7 pm. So, the kids & I quickly drove to the school to allow Nurse Gladys to assess Nick's chin. She informed me that since the cut wasn't deep, stitches were not required, but that it would leave a nasty scar on his face. I informed her it would match all the other scars poor Nick already has. So, instead, she put on a couple of steri strips & a butterfly bandage. We have to get it changed every day & he can't get it wet, but atleast it's not another set of stitches.

The twins' Kindergarten teacher is in charge of the school yearbook. She asked each student a set of questions to include in this year's book & one of the questions she asked Nicholas was, "What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?" Nick's reply:

"I like to go to the hospital and get stitches."


Wednesday, April 23

Starting early...

We attended a going away party for a friend on Monday & this is how Nick ended his evening...

Passed out cold!!

Seriously, his belly could totally pass for a beer belly already at the age of 3! Poor little guy. And check out his half-open eyes. Sound asleep! It's just eerie.

(Alright, before you get all judgmental on me, you know this is all in good fun. He only drank a little beer... not the whole can.)

Monday, April 21

Times like these...

I may not at the moment, but I know one day I will look back fondly on these days:

* Tonight Samuel & I were cuddling in my bed, when all of a sudden he quickly pulls away from me, yells "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" & proceeds to let out the longest, most disgusting toot. Sydney thought it was hilarious!
(I just want to clarify that when I say "Samuel" I am talking about my son, NOT my husband! Although, I wouldn't put it past him to do the same thing, but I sure wouldn't post it on here! In fact, I'm wondering if that's where Samuel learned it in the first place...)

* Friday night we went out for dinner, drinks & dancing with some friends. (Although I abstained from dancing, which is a good thing considering...) So, since I have lost some Nicholas baby weight (finally!), I decided to treat myself to a new dress for the fun evening. Well, as I was walking out of the bathroom at one point, my right ankle completely gave out on me & down I went in front of several wide-eyed Filipinos! With as much grace & dignity as I could, I picked myself up, brushed off my new dress & quickly walked far, far away. Twisted my right ankle... skinned my left knee... bruised my fragile ego... but it still makes me laugh (and cringe) every time I think about it three days later! Laughter is the best medicine, right?

* The kids get their feelings terribly hurt when one of their siblings says they are "bad". I am constantly hearing, "Mom, Sydney said I was bad! I'm not bad!" Or Samuel. Or Nick. Unfortunately, Nick picks up on every negative thing the twins do & say & mimics them. So, I'm sure his pre-k teacher appreciates all the comments he repeats at school to the other younger students. It's just the beginning...

* Nick has become fiercely independent dressing himself. He does not want any help at all. Which is great, except that it takes so much extra time getting ready for school each morning. It doesn't help that we are pretty much usually running late anyway. (Story of my life!) And, in addition, he doesn't care if he has his shirt/shorts/underwear, etc. on backwards. He says, "It's okay if it's backwards." Doesn't bother him one bit! He did it by himself & that's all that matters. Boys!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 20

Baby Fever

Congratulations to my wonderful friend, Christy, who delivered her baby boy, Cooper, on April 17.

(The same day as my nephew's birthday! Happy late birthday, Jared!)

Here is handsome Cooper Michael Corr:

I think he looks just like his beautiful older sister, Isabella. Such a sweet, chubby face!

Lots of lots of babies either have arrived or are arriving this spring/summer. I am missing out of so many beautiful, precious newborns. But, I am praying for all of you!

(And, just to clarify, no, I DO NOT have baby fever!)

Wednesday, April 16

Catching up...

I haven't been on the computer much lately, but dedicated this evening to playing catch up. Surprisingly, I haven't missed it as much as I thought. It's good to have a computer break for a few days. Makes me realize there is so much else that can and should be done with my time. (I just used the word "much" way too much!!)

So, since I have been catching up with my Texas friends online, I will also catch all of you up on our life...

Life is good here! We have been thoroughly enjoying our new home. It's spacious, which is a blessing & a curse. The kids are scared to go in one part of the house by themselves and yet, it's nice to have all the extra room. But, I'm sure it will all become familiar to them eventually.

Most days after Nick gets out of school, this is the scene here:
And I love it!

Typically, 3 out of the 5 school days, we have atleast 3-4 additional kids come spend the afternoon here. It's great! The kids have a blast together & they completely wear themselves out. Sam & I have always desired for our home to be fun for our kids & their friends. It's so easy at this young stage in their life, but as the kiddos get older, I pray their friends continue to want to come to our home to hang out. One of my favorite quotes is a line from Yours, Mine and Ours: "Homes are for free expression, not for good impression." Amen!

And, speaking of homes... we had a small housewarming party last weekend. We invited a few friends over for a cookout. The kids had a blast playing & swimming in the backyard. We are truly blessed with wonderful friends here in Subic!

Three Superhero Friends

Karaoke Time

Nick & Cade - Best Buds

ABC Song Concert

We have also been taking advantage of the great beach weather! Nothing like spending a lazy Sunday afternoon chilling out at the beach only 15 minutes away!!

Espinosa Family - Sunset at Camayan Beach, Subic Bay

Kids Dancing on Stage

Beach Bums at Sunset

There are so many national holidays in the Philippines, and we just recently took advantage of another one by taking the kiddos to a nearby water park. This is our second visit to this park & it is so worth the very cheap admission fee. I foresee many more trips this summer!

Nick & Cade

Rebekah & Sydney - Waiting for Samuel to come shooting out of the water slide

Cade & Samuel

And, of course, we couldn't go too long without another lovely mishap from my most graceful child, Nicholas! You know it can't be good when the school nurse hunts you down & finally calls your cell phone... after calling home & after calling Sam at work. Unfortunately, I was playing tennis & left my phone in the car. Lesson learned. So, when I arrived to get Nick at school that afternoon, this is what he proudly showed me:

Apparently, he fell off some climbing apparatus in the playground & took a nasty fall to the head. What else is new? His teacher was so worried that I would be upset about it. I assured her that this is just par for the course... 2 sets of stitches; a black, possibly dead tooth; countless black eyes; numerous raised knots on his head; a gazillion cuts, bruises, scrapes, etc. As I have always said from the moment Nick started walking, the child will trip on air! People think I'm just being silly or exaggerating. I promise, I am NOT!

The kids have all had school presentations lately, which have been so cute! As soon as I can get some video downloaded, I will post them on here. Nicholas played the part of the "Jealous Advisor" in the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den. And, he was adorable! The twins just put on a play today called, "Neighbors in Space". It was all about the Solar System. Sydney was cast as planet Saturn & Samuel was cast as planet Uranus. (Poor guy. His parents are so immature & kept giggling every time he practiced his lines.) They all did great & impressed me by even getting up on stage in the first place. They are all coming out of their shells beautifully!

One last priceless picture of Nicholas...
He is the absolute cutest cowboy I know!

Wednesday, April 2

Ordering Pizza

I just called the local pizza delivery company in an attempt to order a plain, cheese pizza. This is how our conversation went:

Me: I'd like to order one large cheese pizza.
Pizza Girl: Cheese only?
Me: Yes
Pizza Girl: Just one?
Me: Yes
Pizza Girl: Your name please?
Me: Amberly
Pizza Girl: Excuse me?
Me (knowing better that I should always shorten my name to "Amber" for situations such as these): A-M-B-E-R-L-Y
Pizza Girl: A?
Me: Yes. A-M-B...
Pizza Girl: A-M-B?
Me: Yes. E-R...
Pizza Girl: A-M-B?
Me: Yes. E-R...
Pizza Girl: A-M-B? Is that it?
Me: No. Please let me finish.

At that point I should have just said, "Yes, that's it."

We'll see what's written on the ticket when it arrives... if it arrives!