Monday, April 21

Times like these...

I may not at the moment, but I know one day I will look back fondly on these days:

* Tonight Samuel & I were cuddling in my bed, when all of a sudden he quickly pulls away from me, yells "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" & proceeds to let out the longest, most disgusting toot. Sydney thought it was hilarious!
(I just want to clarify that when I say "Samuel" I am talking about my son, NOT my husband! Although, I wouldn't put it past him to do the same thing, but I sure wouldn't post it on here! In fact, I'm wondering if that's where Samuel learned it in the first place...)

* Friday night we went out for dinner, drinks & dancing with some friends. (Although I abstained from dancing, which is a good thing considering...) So, since I have lost some Nicholas baby weight (finally!), I decided to treat myself to a new dress for the fun evening. Well, as I was walking out of the bathroom at one point, my right ankle completely gave out on me & down I went in front of several wide-eyed Filipinos! With as much grace & dignity as I could, I picked myself up, brushed off my new dress & quickly walked far, far away. Twisted my right ankle... skinned my left knee... bruised my fragile ego... but it still makes me laugh (and cringe) every time I think about it three days later! Laughter is the best medicine, right?

* The kids get their feelings terribly hurt when one of their siblings says they are "bad". I am constantly hearing, "Mom, Sydney said I was bad! I'm not bad!" Or Samuel. Or Nick. Unfortunately, Nick picks up on every negative thing the twins do & say & mimics them. So, I'm sure his pre-k teacher appreciates all the comments he repeats at school to the other younger students. It's just the beginning...

* Nick has become fiercely independent dressing himself. He does not want any help at all. Which is great, except that it takes so much extra time getting ready for school each morning. It doesn't help that we are pretty much usually running late anyway. (Story of my life!) And, in addition, he doesn't care if he has his shirt/shorts/underwear, etc. on backwards. He says, "It's okay if it's backwards." Doesn't bother him one bit! He did it by himself & that's all that matters. Boys!

Happy Monday!


Kim said...

I am laughing! Boys love bathroom humor!! I've heard some pretty disgusting jokes and sounds.

Lynn Leaming said...

I remember one day in graduate school where I was walking down the sidewalk feeling pretty "hot" and saw two good looking guys eyeing me when all the sudden I tripped and dropped my books, bloodied my knee, runs in the hose, etc. and I was mortified. Quickly found out the good looking guys were jerks as they didn't even try to help me up or pick up my books.

Then there was my other embarrassing moment when I was in Chinatown in San Fransisco eating with chopsticks and they flung out of my hands and landed on someone elses table!