Thursday, April 24

Oops, he did it again...

There is just not a graceful bone in little Nick's body. Poor guy.

As he & his brother & sister were running around the living room tonight, Nick slipped on the hardwood floor & landed smack dab on his chin. And, like it always seems to do, his skin just split open in the shape of an "L". Why doesn't he just get a bruise or a raised knot like most kids? Maybe he just has super thin skin. Is there a name for a condition like this - where skin splits open so easily? I just don't get it. Sydney & Samuel were never injured this much.

Anyway, after cleaning up his wound, I realized he might need stitches again. Unfortunately, Sam was not home from work yet & I wasn't quite sure where the closest clinic was. So, I texted a few friends & the twins' teacher was the first to respond. She informed me that a school nurse was always at the school until 7 pm. So, the kids & I quickly drove to the school to allow Nurse Gladys to assess Nick's chin. She informed me that since the cut wasn't deep, stitches were not required, but that it would leave a nasty scar on his face. I informed her it would match all the other scars poor Nick already has. So, instead, she put on a couple of steri strips & a butterfly bandage. We have to get it changed every day & he can't get it wet, but atleast it's not another set of stitches.

The twins' Kindergarten teacher is in charge of the school yearbook. She asked each student a set of questions to include in this year's book & one of the questions she asked Nicholas was, "What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?" Nick's reply:

"I like to go to the hospital and get stitches."