Wednesday, April 2

Ordering Pizza

I just called the local pizza delivery company in an attempt to order a plain, cheese pizza. This is how our conversation went:

Me: I'd like to order one large cheese pizza.
Pizza Girl: Cheese only?
Me: Yes
Pizza Girl: Just one?
Me: Yes
Pizza Girl: Your name please?
Me: Amberly
Pizza Girl: Excuse me?
Me (knowing better that I should always shorten my name to "Amber" for situations such as these): A-M-B-E-R-L-Y
Pizza Girl: A?
Me: Yes. A-M-B...
Pizza Girl: A-M-B?
Me: Yes. E-R...
Pizza Girl: A-M-B?
Me: Yes. E-R...
Pizza Girl: A-M-B? Is that it?
Me: No. Please let me finish.

At that point I should have just said, "Yes, that's it."

We'll see what's written on the ticket when it arrives... if it arrives!


AKILEZ said...

Funny you should have pronounce it Emberly. joke it's a Filipino accent for the letter "A".

Philippines is usually pronounce Pilippines for the majority of Filipinos.

Anonymous said...

i have experienced same ,,, your best bet , is to go out and pick your food up personally , and u get to see exactly what your eating ,,, i have property in Puerto Princesa , and is overlooking ocean ,,, people should also beware of cost of real estate , most are overpriced by half and most filipiono r crooks
beware of
building cost are a mere fraction of these peoples asking price
j & v

Stephanie said...

So, did you get your pizza? Hope it worked out for you!

Leah (Galloway) Flores said...

Hey Amberly! I finally have visited your blog. Check out mine and see how big my girls have gotten. Your kids are so cute. Keep in touch!

Jenn said...

So how is the pizza over there? We just got a Papa Murphy's in Wylie (right down the street from your house) and I love it!! They have a DLite pizza that I think is better than their original and 1/2 the calories. I know, I know, why even order pizza - but hey - it's better than NO pizza!

Carolyn said...

We used to go out to eat at places where they yelled out your last name when your order was ready. Once we were there when some friends from church came in. One last name was Guess and the other was Gross. Very expensive restaurants, don't you know! So glad this has been a positive expeience for you! aunt carolyn

Dara said...

Did you ever get your pizza??? I sure hope so! What was written on the ticket?

Daryl said...

Hahaha. You're totally not alone. Even face to face you get people who just don't understand. I might have it a bit worse, being an American born Filipino who does not yet speak Tagalog well... ugh.

Hope you got your pizza.