Sunday, April 20

Baby Fever

Congratulations to my wonderful friend, Christy, who delivered her baby boy, Cooper, on April 17.

(The same day as my nephew's birthday! Happy late birthday, Jared!)

Here is handsome Cooper Michael Corr:

I think he looks just like his beautiful older sister, Isabella. Such a sweet, chubby face!

Lots of lots of babies either have arrived or are arriving this spring/summer. I am missing out of so many beautiful, precious newborns. But, I am praying for all of you!

(And, just to clarify, no, I DO NOT have baby fever!)


John & Mary said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Christy! He is beautiful!!

Christy said...

Thanks Amberly and John & Mary! It's great to have him here safe and sound. He's a great baby and Isabella is in love with her baby brother.