Wednesday, July 1

American Idol Finale Party

In a final effort to have one last get together, Sam & I hosted an American Idol finale party in Subic. Everyone came over to eat, drink & watch TV. The adults watched in the family room, while all the kids were sent to the master bedroom. We had a blast teasing each other & arguing who should win. The pictures say it all...

The Espinosas
The Gulleys
The Men - Matt, Garth & Martin
Heather cuddling with Eva & Rebekah

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for:
And, the shocked reactions:

These ladies were devastated!

Tamra & Jackie - Rivals til the bitter end!
(Tam signing "A" for Adam & Jax signing "K" for Kris)

We all had a great time, as usual! I miss all of these people tremendously & can't wait to get together for a reunion sometime soon. We love our Subic crew!!