Wednesday, July 11

The twin difference...

On the flight from Tokyo to Manila, the Japanese flight attendants gave each of the kiddos a little airplane toy. It was one that you had a few pieces you had to fit together so that it would look like a plane. Similar to a Lego set, but very simple. The kids were very excited to open their boxes & they each asked Daddy almost the same question:

Samuel - "Daddy, can you open my box so I can put my plane together?"
Sydney - "Daddy, can you open my box so you can put my plane together for me?"

They asked it one right after the other & it was so funny to us. If you know my kids at all, this just shows their personality. Samuel would much rather do something himself... Sydney wants everything done for her!


Jenn said...

So funny! Typical boy and girl! Girls always want things done for them! :)

Lindsay said...

I can so relate to Sydney. :) That is too cute!