Saturday, July 14

First Filipino Dr. Visit

Leave it to our family to be the first to need a doctor! And, no, it wasn't the kids... it was my husband. When I woke them all the other day from their very long nap, he looked at me & said, "Is my eye red?" Well, heck yeah, it was red! And, it was all oozed over! A little disgusting!

So, we all got ready and headed to the pharmacy where they informed him he would need a prescription for any eye drops or an antibiotic. Thankfully, the third floor of the pharmacy is also a medical complex, with numerous doctors. (This is where I bought a pair of contacts when I first visited here in June.) The receptionist kept trying to convince him that he needed to see an eye doctor, who was out for the day. She said he needed to return the next day. He came to me to tell me the news. I sent him back with the instructions that he needed to see a medical doctor... now. Once again, she convinced him that he needed to see an opthamologist tomorrow. So, the on the third try, I told him to insist on seeing a medical doctor today. I said, "Tell her you have conjunctivitis." I think that big, fancy word might have done the trick. I'm not sure, but either way, he was seen almost immediately. While he was in the office, the kids & I went to the mall play area. He joined us shortly afterwards to give me the diagnosis:

(I've learned a thing or two having three kids!)

He got his prescription filled & started on some eye drops right away. Now, here's the great part:

Total Wait Time = 5 minutes
Doctor Visit = $8.00
Eye Drops = $6.00
Sammy's Health = 100%

Can't beat those figures!!


Jenn said...

YOU GO GIRL! They don't have anything on a mom of three kids! Hope Sammy is feeling better and that the kids don't get it. No, you can NOT beat those prices or the wait! WOW!

Love it that you kept sending him back like a little school boy! Sorry Sammy! Hee Hee