Wednesday, July 11

Soggy Fries

When we got in late Tuesday night (or, actually, very early Wednesday morning), everyone was pretty hungry. So, we decided to order from Wendy's. (They deliver 24 hours here.) Sammy placed the order & after telling them all the hamburgers we wanted, added a couple of fries to the list. I heard him say, "Excuse me? Soggy fries? What do you mean by 'soggy'? Limp?" By this time, I was laughing so hard & he had a hard time keeping a straight face.

Apparently, they don't recommend adding fries to a delivery order, because by the time it gets here, the fries are not the best quality. I told Sammy atleast they're honest & don't just take your money. I wish some of the fast food joints in the US were this honest!


Lynn said...

Woo-hoo! I am glad you are able to post, I am looking so forward to hearing about your journey while you are in the Phillipines. I am glad that ya'll arrived safely. Hope the home delivered hamburgers were good. I laughed about the soggy fries. Give the kids a hug!

Dara said...

So glad to read your blog! This will definitely keep a great connection!!! Sydney's crazy faces are cracking me up! Too fun! I'll have to show the pics to Emma. I am so glad you all made it safely and you are starting to get settled. Love that Wendy's delivers... how nice!

Does everyone pretty much speak English around there? You were able to order over the phone in English... that is great!!!

Talk to you soon! Keep on posting!

Amberly said...

Yes, everyone speaks English here. It's been very easy to adjust because of that.