Saturday, July 14

"That's a no-no"

Nick & I were listening to music & looking out the window of our 15th floor condo. We were watching all the people walking around below & all was quiet, until Nick shouted:

"Oh no! He's walking in the street! That's a no-no!"

That's my boy!

There are a few things I can't find in the grocery stores so far:
* Frozen Waffles (Kelloggs would make a killing here if they brought over their Eggo waffles!)
* Refrigerated biscuits or cinnamon rolls (There goes our family tradition of Sunday morning cinnamon rolls.)
* Frosted Mini Wheats (Of course, the only cereal my kids will eat.)

There are a few interesting things I did find in the grocery store:
* Spaghetti sauce sold in a bag (Most of the spaghetti sauce I saw on my trip yesterday was packaged that way)
* ALL kinds of fish staring straight at me in the middle of the store! EWWWW!!
* The largest selection of rice I could have ever imagined! (I just want the plain white stuff that cooks up in 5 minutes!!)

After serving a cheesy meal of macaroni & cheese with a side of Cheetos the other day, I think I've finally stocked up my pantry enough to have a variety of meal options. We'll see tonight...


Jenn said...

The fish staring at me would send me over the edge! YUCK! My friend is from the Philippines and her parents had a party and invited us and when we walked in there was a huge cooked pig sitting on the kitchen counter - the entire pig with the apple in its mouth and all! I almost lost it! Needless to say after the party we went to Whataburger!

Bummer on the cereal - we love Frosted Mini Wheats - we do Kellogs Frozen pancakes instead of the waffles - I wonder if they have them?

Great hearing about your adventures!

owldog1 said...

Is it allowed for us to send you some cereal?

Amberly said...

You know... I am not sure if there are any regulations on sending food over. I wouldn't think so since it's a dry item.