Monday, July 23

Goldfish Pond

We walked to a goldfish pond on Saturday & the kids loved watching the fish. They would throw in some fish food & watch them all fight for a piece of it. Then, they were entertained by one particular fish who must have thought his only mode of transportation was by jumping, because that is all he did. He jumped & flipped & flopped all over that pond. It was pretty funny!


Dana Lynne said...

LOVE the first picture! These are such amazing experiences the kids are having! I know they'll look back on this time and think how amazing it takes special parents to be able to make this huge of a change and to successfully adjust the whole family this well, this fast! You guys are awesome!!! We love you and miss you! :)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!! GNO missed you like crazy this past weekend! I missed hearing you laugh and all your funny stories that you surely would have added. But I'm glad I can read about them here!!!

Miss you!
Karen Heflin

Jenn said...

You DO look marvelous Amberly! Looks like you have lost weight! What a gorgeous family - we miss you all!!

Amberly said...

Oh my goodness!! Thank you all for the compliments! All this walking around town is probably helping me to lose a little weight, maybe ?? Either way, you are getting paid for making that awesome comment, Jenn! :)

And, Karen, I sure did miss going with you all last weekend. I was SO looking forward to it!! But, I'm glad you girls had a great time. Somebody needs to call me & fill me in on the weekend.