Monday, July 23

Christmas in July!

Our air shipment arrived today & the kids are ecstatic!! I'm telling you... that idea of packing up half your toys & rotating them really works! The kids are digging through all the boxes that were delivered today & they get so excited when they find a box containing their toys. It really is like Christmas morning!

One of the first boxes they opened was full of their dress up clothes, costumes, etc. My kids LOVE to play dress up! (Especially Samuel.) In fact, almost every morning at breakfast, one of them (usually Samuel) will go downstairs dressed as a character. The condo staff has become accustomed to greeting him according to his outfit for the day:

"Good morning, Batman... Spiderman... Zorro... Flash... Cowboy... Policeman... etc."

So, when the remainder of our dress up clothes arrived today, Sydney had a blast outifitting Nicholas, as you can see in the photos below:

Captain Nicholas Sparrow (with a Spiderman apron)

Pink Ballerina with Tinkerbell Slippers

Right now, I'm watching a chunky little 2-year-old in the same pink ballerina costume running around with a toy gun, shouting, "Hands up!"

Today is fun!!


Dana Lynne said...

HILARIOUS! The kids sound like they're having so much fun! I'm so happy for them and for you and Sammy!

Stephanie said...

How fun! I'm glad you guys are having so much fun!

Becky said...

better save this pic for future balckmailing.

Jenn said...

TOO CUTE!!! Nick is gonna be soooo mad at you momma!!!

Richard said...

That pic in the pink ballerina costume will be awesome in his highschool yearbook!