Sunday, July 29

Back to Reality

About Wednesday of last week, I finally switched from "vacation" mode to "reality" mode. It happened after I attended a luncheon with the American Women's Club of the Philippines. (Which was really great, by the way!) But, during that luncheon, I learned that I had better get my rear in gear if I intended to enroll the kids in school here. I had better start taking this move seriously! So, after that meeting, I came home & immediately started doing whatever I could at the time to get them registered and enrolled in Kindergarten at the International School of Manila (ISM). We started inquring about leasing a car & hiring a driver. I also enrolled Nicholas in a preschool across the street from where the twins will be attending.

However, there was so much I couldn't do from across the ocean. So, I called on my good friend, Stephanie, to help out. Stephanie also happens to be a secretary at our church, Richardson East. So, she's got all the connections... a local fax number, a scanner & email! She has helped me get dental records, medical records & now, the twins' preschool information. I owe her BIG time!! Stephanie, thank you for everything you have helped me complete! You know that I could not have done all this without your wonderful help!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

So, the vacation is over & we are working on adapting to our new home environment. The kids & I, along with our new friend, Malay, hired a car & driver the other day to run some errands around town. It got us out of our comfort zones & around the city a bit more.

Nick & I also visited his preschool. So far, he loves the playground & is anxious to return. His preschool is a little more primitive looking than some others that we visited, but the teachers & kids all looked like they were having so much fun! When Sammy & I met the director back in June, everybody was happy & active & smiling! So, that wasn't a hard decision for us. It's more important at this stage that Nicholas have fun at school & enjoy his time there. I am looking forward to that for him.

Summit School of Manila

Once we complete the Kindergarten application process for the twins, then we will have an interview with a counselor so that he can visit with Sydney & Samuel & evaluate where they are in their learning skills. I've requested that they be in the same classroom, so I'm hoping they will honor that. We'll see...

Tomorrow will be a day full of more swimming, I'm sure. Then, Tuesday, I have a lunch playdate set up with an Irish lady I met at the American Women's Club luncheon. She has a 7-year-old, a 5-year-old (starting Kindergarten at ISM also) & a 1-year-old. We are hoping that our 3 Kindergartners will become friends so they will have a familiar face on the first day of school. (Which is literally right around the corner, on August 6th.) I'm praying that goes well. Then, we shall see what the remainder of our week brings.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Kristi said...

Hooray Stephanie!! Friends are awesome :)

I will keep the kiddos in my prayers specifically that their first day of school will be fantabulous!! Have fun swimming.

Becky said...

you're cracking me up! circus girl!

Anonymous said...

Kyle was just asking the other day about how Sydney & Samuel were doing and if they were having fun in their new home. I told him that you all were probably just having a long vacation right now. I'll fill him in that they will be starting school soon. He sure does miss those two. Enjoy the next week with the kiddos before school starts!