Monday, January 21


I feel like I can relax again now that I know who won The Amazing Race! I don't watch much TV, but this is the one reality show that I really get involved in. I love a good race! Thank goodness for the Asian version that still has about 2 or 3 weeks left.

We looked onto our back porch tonight to find a large lizard chilling out. By large, I mean LARGE! I called the kids to come take a peek & Nick announced, "Mom, that's a baby crocodile!" I'm afraid he might have been right! That is exactly what it looked like.

Tomorrow, I will be playing tennis with a few of my Korean neighbors. They are very sweet, but we have quite a hard time communicating! Their English is minimal & my Korean is... well... nonexistent! Should be an interesting match.

Some large creatures just came bounding across my roof. Sounded like it could have been monkeys by the pattern of the footsteps... or something else that I don't even want to venture a guess at. Whatever it was, it weighed a pretty good amount to be making all the raucous that it did on top of my home. (Or, maybe it was the mother crocodile searching for her baby...) If Sydney were awake, she would be petrified!

Speaking of Syd, I thought I heard an owl a bit earlier, so I stopped my typing, cocked my head toward the direction of the sound & realized it was my sweet daughter snoring!! Poor thing! I guess atleast I didn't mistake her snoring it for a warthog!

I'm beginning to wonder what is worse... the strange jungle noises that keep me on my toes at night or the sounds of city sirens that keep me awake. I'm not much of a big city girl, but I don't think I'm a big fan of living in a tropical rainforest environment either. I think what I need is a good 'ol dose of back home Texas!

(And, by the way, can anyone tell me what kind of bird sounds like a donkey? This bird periodically makes a call that sounds eerily familiar to a donkey's hee-haw, only without the "h" sound. This is what it would look like typed out, "Eh ah (pause)... eh ah (pause)... eh ah (pause)... eh ah..." It makes that repetitive sound about 5 or 6 times, each time getting slower & slower until the last sound you hear is, "ahhh..." Then, that's it. About 30 minutes later, it does it again! Same pattern every time. It starts every evening once the sun goes down until the early morning hours. It's fascinating! I've never heard a bird sound even remotely familiar! HELP!)


AKILEZ said...

The father and daughter team won the Amazing Race (Asians). Just kidding,,, I really don't know.

I think those are pigeons or Doves that you hear from your roof top. if not must be Aswang (Ghost). Olangapo is famous with those kind of myth.

Anonymous said...

Pls. do not open your window or door at night when you hear it,it may be a vampire or we call it aswang,in the Philippines some remote areas they still have aswang,since you are not familiar with this it is not safe for your family,I used to live in the Philippines but I grew up in Manila but when I was little I live in Negros Oriental, my mother used to tell us about this creature I have not seen one until now although I believe her.You need to buy a garlic whole maybe 4 pcs. not just one or 2 cloves and there is a special oil with herbs in it,if you know any local you can ask her to buy you and this is for the aswang,the aswang hates these thing and he can not come closer to you,you do not know your neighbors so who knows maybe one of them is aswang,aswang is not a myth,it is real so just be careful,you have beautiful children ,the aswang likes especially children.I am not trying to scare you,in fact I am also scared of this creature.The aswang always go on top of the roof when everybody fall asleep at night,I was just wondering that you have heard this and it happened during the night this was really an aswang,they said that the aswang look like a big bird they have a wings and half of the body flies with red eyes ,the hair stands up when they is ready to bite ,they suck blood like a vampire.Although it is 20th century but this things is still exist in the Philippines so my piece of advice is you put a garlic in the windows,doors and have some handy to you.I hope it can help you.It sounds crazy or funny but you better believe than sorry.

Feeny Family said...

Hello, Mrs. Espinosa! Sounds like you all are enjoying your new place in Subic.:-)
hmm.. is that bird sound from a peacock? (if they even have them out there!;->) There used to be peacocks around our house back home and they made sounds almost like that.
Hope you all are doing well!

Christy said...

OK, so that post about the vampire is freaking me out!! How long will you be in that area? Have you heard about the vampires? I guess that would be a good way to get you guys home quicker, if one walked into your bedroom one'd be on the next plane bound for the US. Miss you!!

Amberly said...

Yeah... um... thanks for the warning, but I'm going to check out the peacock theory instead. I'm not a big believer in vampires... or any mythical creatures for that matter. But, I did finally record the sound, so I will be posting it soon in the hopes of an answer.

Christy, don't freak out! :) I miss you too!!

AKILEZ said...

Sorry about the posting of Mr/Ms Anonymous. He/She is just trying to scare you.

Remember it is a Myth.

You will enjoy Subic Bay Philippines. remember that movie An Officer and a Gentleman? The Officer asked Richard Gere where did you get that tattoo soldier?!
He answered Subic Bay Philippines Sir!!! and the officer said that's why I cannot recognized it. LOL
(must be a bad tattoo)

The movie also showed "KALE" a Filipino natural martial arts.

There is a lot of wild animals in Subic because the National Forest that surrounds the base and Olongapo.

The place is clean and you will notice if they still wear it, that the street vendors wear ID badge to identify themself has a legal and clean vendor.

Jenn said...

I am with Christy! That has completely freaked me out! I am glad that you are not - I seriously would have to move Amberly! Stay safe and hey - what could a little bit of garlic hurt?