Wednesday, January 30

Playing with Sydney

After school today, Sydney & I went into her room to play with her baby dolls. She had set them all up & announced it was feeding time. I asked her if I could feed her newest baby doll that moves her mouth & makes drinking sounds. This was our conversation:

ME: "Can I feed that baby doll, Sydney?"
SYD: "No."
ME: "Please. I like to watch her mouth move."
SYD: "I am the mom. You are the ya-ya. I will feed her."

How quickly they learn!


Feeny Family said...

:-) haha! Sydney sure is catching on to the ya-ya culture. ;-) She is so cute. We miss the kids. Tell them we say hello!
(and thanks, Mrs. Espinosa, for posting on our blog and answering our "which do you prefer" question.:->)

aunt carolyn said...

ya-ya! I love it. The pics are so cute!

rzg said...

From Rebecca To: Sydney
Be careful if something falls on you.(huh)

You are my best friend for ever. I want you to be safe. Don't be scared or cold.

You look pretty and beautiful with your skirt and shirt.

I love your pretty hair.

Love Rebecca Garcia

Miss you! I Love you Bye