Sunday, January 6

Ahhhh... the spa

One thing I'll miss about the Philippines when we move back home is how affordable spa treatments are! I rarely visited a spa in the states because it was definitely a special occasion thing. Here, I can afford to visit one on a regular basis because comparatively, the prices are extremely cheap!

For example, the most expensive facial treatment at a high end spa in Dallas costs $155. The most expensive facial treatment at a high end spa in Manila costs about $65.

Dallas Detoxifying Body Treatment - $140 for 60 min
Manila Detoxifying Body Wrap - $45 for 90 min

Dallas Mud Body Treatment - $125 for 50 min
Manila Mud Body Wrap - $45 for 90 min

Dallas Swedish Massage - $95 for 50 min
Manila Swedish Massage - $25 for 60 min

Dallas Aromatherapy Massage - $100 for 50 min
Manila Aromatherapy Massage - $25 for 60 min

Dallas Full Leg Wax - $90 & up
Manila Full Leg Wax - $50

I recently visited a different spa near our condo to take advantage of their lavish foot treatments. I sat in a soft, comfortable leather recliner. I had a warm towel draped over me as a blanket. The lights were dimmed. Enya was playing in the background. Delicious smelling oils were burning in the corner. And, I had my issue of People magazine that I splurged on. (I almost didn't want to read it so I could just close my eyes & drift off to sleep. But, I paid way too much not to!) It was so relaxing & rejuvenating! I am seriously going to miss these wonderfully cheap spas in the Philippines!!

In the meantime, however, I'm going to enjoy them as much as I can!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amberly,
I'm having a really fun time reading your blog. I'm a Filipino-American living in New York who will be visiting my family in the Philippines next week. I encountered your blog while googling the phrase "tennis in manila" [better than public urination? :)] and I've now spent the past thirty minutes reading about your life there since you moved from Texas.

I had some questions and comments as I was reading. First, where can I play tennis there w/out having to be a member first? I'll be staying in Manila w/my grandmother. She lives in Pasig. If you're only familiar w/the Makati area, that's cool too since I'm sure I can make my way there.

I'm also planning on pampering myself with a trip to a day spa. Any recommendations?

I was reading your experience about how Filipinos get too personal for your comfort and started laughing, since I too get really weirded out by stares and the way too-intimate questions.

Any input from you would be great. Thanks!

Jenn said...

I am soooo jealous! I am all about a trip to the spa! I hope that I can come visit this summer!

Amberly said...

First of all, Jenn, I am all about you coming to visit this summer! I would be SO excited!!!! And, we could go to the spa every day! :)

Martha, thanks for your comment! I would highly recommend The Spa ( There are a few locations, the newest one being at The Fort Bonifacio. Very nice!! Here are a couple of others that came highly recommended, but I haven't actually been to myself:
Neo Spa (
Urban Spa (

As for tennis, the only place I have played is here at my condo unit:
Ascott at Glorietta 4 (
I looked in both of my helpful handbooks about living in Manila, but never found any additional info on tennis courts. From my view, I can see a tennis court at the Shangri-La hotel. I'm not sure whether you are required to be a guest to play or not, though. You might want to check them out, just in case:
The Shangri-La (

Wish I could be of more help! If I hear of anything, I'll post more info. Good luck & have a great vacation!