Monday, January 28

Monday, Monday...

So good to me.
Monday, Monday
It was all I hoped it would be...

In honor of a great Monday, I'm going to post about some things that made me happy today:

* Getting to school early this morning.
* A new blow dryer.
* Finding my way to a new part of town without being stopped by a policeman! A major accomplishment for a westerner in the Philippines.
* Catching up on my laundry. No small feat!
* Cleaning my kitchen.
* Being able to help out a friend in need.
* Having kids in Sydney's & Samuel's class ask if they could come over to our house to play. It means the twins have made good friends in their new school & that is a huge relief!
* A nap this afternoon.
* Listening to Sydney sing High School Musical 2 songs in her room.
* A successful evening of homework.
* Eating dinner at The Pancake House. Sounds crazy, but they have the best tacos that I have tasted in Subic so far. And, of course, the kids inhale their waffles!
* What made it even better was that Sam was home in time to eat with us!
* Being able to sit down at the computer tonight without being interrupted.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday as well! Enjoy the beginning of your week!


Kristi said...

I am sooo glad you had a great Monday!! Your tacos at The Pancake House sounds like my favorite nachos at Red Lobster!!

Hope your Tuesday turns out great as well!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Amberly,
I am so glad that you and your family are enjoying the sights and sounds- of Subic Bay! Art was stationed there whilehe was in the Navy & he still talks about it! He really loves the philippines and the sweet people - and he & I just love their food. but -BOY-O-BOY- is it hard to find good PHILIPPINE food here in San Antonio, Tx.

Love to all from -TEXAS


AKILEZ said...


Filipinos love pancakes.
They have different version of Pancakes in every island. The one I like the best is Cebu pancake.
It is yellow and almost taste like a Crepe. Have you tried eating Halo Halo it is crush ice with flan and different kinds of beans in it.

Try The Le-chon (Roasted Pig) I know you will like it because it taste so good plenty in Olangapo. It's the same you cook Pig in Texas

Try This Filipino barbecue.


Filipino Barbecue

A pound of Pork or Barbecue
1 tsp lemon
1 onion
1 garlic glove
1 cup tomato Ketchup
2 tsp of Kikoman soy sauce
A drop of San Miguel Beer it is really up to you how much you put or not put at all.
1 Table spoon white sugar
salt and pepper
A little sprite or 7-up

mixed all ingredients and marinate overnight and grill on charcoal (filipino black charcoal)

got to go makes me hungry

Rachel said...

Look at you...all cheery on a Monday! I loved reading your list and knowing that your day was going so well! I'm glad!

Dara said...

It is so nice to hear someone having a great Monday!!! Lots of fun things to be happy about!

Lindsay said...

What a great day! How did you get so much done in one day?! I am so glad you are closer to Sam now. I can't wait until you are closer to all of us again! We miss you, but really enjoying hearing about your amazing journey.


AKILEZ said...
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AKILEZ said...

ooops correction. it's Pork or Beef