Friday, January 4

First 2008 weekend thoughts...

I hate, hate, hate stepping on small toys like Hot Wheels cars or superhero figures with my bare feet in complete darkness. After the first initial painful step, you know you have to step elsewhere, but you could possibly be stepping on yet another painful toy that was left out also. I've done this several unfortunate times... like tonight. I don't like small toys with pointy parts. They hurt!


Today, during a fit, Nicholas asked me for the billionth time if I would give him his stamp back. Again, I told him "no" because he disobeyed me by stamping all over the wall, instead of on paper. He sadly looked at me & said, "But, I'm crying." I calmly told him, "I know you are crying & I am sorry, but you disobeyed Mommy." He turned to walk away, then turned back to me & tried one more time, "But, I'm cute." I couldn't help but laugh! He is cute & he is very sneaky!!


We played 3 different board games with some friends tonight & had such a good time. I love playing board games, but don't do it nearly often enough. Maybe I can make this a weekly event...


Back in the states, buying a People magazine was an indulgence for me. I always found it hard to justify paying $3.99 for an entertainment magazine, so when I did, it was a special day. Today, I thought I would treat myself to the most current magazine available here (which is usually atleast a week, probably two behind the states) on my way to the spa. (Another indulgence, which is very easy to justify here because of how incredibly cheap the services are!) So, I picked up a magazine & encountered sticker shock!! They really jack up the price of People magazine in the Philippines! I paid 395 pesos, which is equivalent to almost $9.00!!! CRAZY! But, I splurged anyway & then felt guilty afterwards. Never again. (Mom, you need to start adding People magazines to my shipments here!)


Have a great first weekend this year!


Erin said...

I totally agree with you about the little pointy toys. Ouch!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today. I really appreciate it!

Kristi said...

Nick is too funny!! You should write a book with all of his sayings and conversations!!!