Wednesday, January 2

Conversation with Nick

Nick says the funniest things sometimes...

Just a minute ago, I was laying with him in bed & out of the blue, he asked me:

"Mom, do we live in Chinese?"

Me: "No, we live in the Philippines."

Nick: "But, I thought I was going to drink chocolate milk and watch movies with my Grandmothers in Texas."

Me: "Ummm... okay. Maybe later."

I never have any idea where his train of thought will lead, which makes it all the more interesting to hold a conversation with him. He's a funny little guy.


Anonymous said...

How sweet! Ryan and Jake miss the kids so much! I love the new look of the site - I just got caught up from over a month ago! Few things going on as you know - I sure do miss you!!!!

(STILL have not updated our site - just can't seem to do it right now)

Jennifer (Moon)

Feeny Family said...

Hello Mrs. Espinosa,

Haha! Nick is so cute.:-) We sure do miss seeing you all there at the Ascott.

Sure, we will let you know all about our Mt. Pinatubo hike. Wish you all could be there too.:-)

Take care!

~Melissa Feeny