Sunday, January 20

The Green Monster

That's right... I am jealous!! Most of you who watch The Amazing Race will soon know the winners. I have to wait about 13 more hours. Which means, I have to stay off the Internet all day today so that I won't accidentally run across someone posting about the finale or a news blurb announcing the winning team. (Which also means I'll probably get more housework done today than I have in a long time, since I won't be sitting at my desk.) I have already planned out my entire evening to ensure the kids will go to bed early. (Sam is out of town for a few days, so I have to be organized!) It's mac & cheese night! Easy, fast & I never hear complaints about having to eat mac & cheese! So, if all goes my way, the kids will be good & worn out from playing outside all evening, they will be nice & clean from their warm shower & their bellies will be full from a yummy carbohydrate enriched dinner! All that should ensure an early & easy bedtime. Atleast, that's my goal. We'll see how it really plays out!

I was talking to Sydney about some upcoming birthdays for people in our family. I asked her what she wanted to give Aunt Erin for her birthday & after thinking hard for a while, she finally announced, "A puppy! Aunt Erin needs a new puppy! Mom, can we get her one? Pleeeeeeease?" So, how about it Erin? Maybe for your birthday, I'll just send Dallas to live with you for a while!

When I asked her what she wanted to send her Gigi, thankfully she did not say a puppy, but instead a princess TV. What 96-year-old great grandmother doesn't want a princess TV?!

By the way, I have decided that all these wonderful & beautiful jungle sounds that I love to listen to at night are not near as enjoyable when my husband is out of town. Then, they become a bit creepy!

Enjoy the finale tonight! I'm off to the grocery store to get our gourmet Kraft dinner...


Mimi said...

Mimi's ratings for the birthday gift ideas:

1. the princess TV for Gigi --
2 thumbs up
2. sending Dallas away for awhile --
2 thumbs way down!

Maybe Aunt Erin would like a princess TV, too. :)