Saturday, October 13

Thoughts on Sydney

The word "shy" from the online version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary says this:

1: easily frightened : timid
2: disposed to avoid a person or thing (publicity shy)
3: hesitant in committing oneself : circumspect
4: sensitively diffident or retiring : reserved; also : expressive of such a state or nature (a shy smile)
5: secluded, hidden
6: having less than the full or specified amount or number : short (just shy of six feet tall)
7: disreputable (gambling hells and shy saloons - Blackwood's)

The reason I included these definitions is because Sydney completely fits the first, second, third & fourth definition. That is just her personality & it always has been! Moving here has done her a world of good as far as coming out of her shell more, but at her core, she is still a very shy little girl. Which makes it hard when she gets invited to playdates. She has quite a few good friends at school and she gets invited to several playdates, which I am very thankful for! However, I always tell the parents that for the most part, she is quiet & shy, so please don't take it personally if she doesn't always speak up, etc. I always tell them this so they will be aware of her personality. So, after 2 of her playdates last week, both mothers told me how Sydney didn't talk much, didn't eat much and was very shy. NO KIDDING!!!! That's why I tell them beforehand! Each mother was very surprised at how reserved Sydney acted. I'm guessing that I have the only shy child on this side of the world. But, between her Daddy & her Mimi, she definitely came by it honestly!

Another character trait she came by honestly is her dislike of cats! I have NEVER liked cats! Never! BUT, I have also never said or shown this in front of her. (Atleast, not to my knowledge.) In fact, last year, when she wanted to be a kitty cat for Halloween, instead of cringing, I smiled & went along with it. And, she loved being a black cat. But, when it comes to the real thing, she very much dislikes them. She is actually pretty scared of them... as am I! Which was the case when she went to her friend's house last week who had a cat. She was very frightened of that little cat. She acted the same way at friend's homes in Wylie, even when I was there & pretended to like the cats just so she could see that it was okay. I guess her fear of cats is just another personality trait passed on in her genes.

On Friday, Sydney spent the day with her friend from school & had a wonderful time! Last night, she spent the night at another friend's house & I'm sure had a great time! I am really looking forward to seeing her this afternoon & spending some time with her myself.

In the meantime, 2 little boys are playing together in the other room & are having so much fun!!! So much that I think I'll go join them...


Erin said...

Hi Amberly,

I didn't get the chance to meet you before you moved, but I'm in the Wylie Moms' Club, and I've enjoyed getting to "know" you and your kids through your blog.