Wednesday, October 3

Philippine Favorites

As I stated in my previous post, here is a list of "favorites" in the Philippines from the view of an ex-pat:

(Once again, my personal comments are in italics.)

* Easy travel around Asia (Flights out of Manila are very inexpensive!)
* The National Museum
* Brunch at Sala on the 1st Sunday of every month
* The Pearl Farm in Davao, Mindanao
* Greenhill's Pearl Market
* Salcedo Market on Saturday mornings (I haven't been here yet, but I am looking forward to it!)
* Repertory Philippines - great theatre shows for under 10 USD
* Zen Asia - great selection of wines
* Going to movies is affordable
* Greenbelt shopping
* American Cemetery - beautiful and a great place for walking
* Massages
* Beaches (Beautiful!!)
* Time to read
* Snorkeling
* Manicures
* Pedicures (AMEN!)
* House help = No housework (AMEN again!)
* Friendliness of the Filipinos
* Sunshine almost all the time
* Exploring in Divisoria, Intramuros, etc.
* Creativity and talent of the Filipinos
* AWCP Bazaar (It really is pretty cool!)
* "Ladies Who Lunch"
* The "Blind Band"
* Drivers who carry bags so hands are free for more shopping
* Having a driver when you are directionally challenged
* Knock-offs
* Shoes
* Hoedown
* Scuba Diving
* Friends
* Pampering
* Lumpia (fresh or fried spring rolls)
* Pancit Malabon (noodles)
* Taho (morning treat of warm bean curd, liquefied raw sugar, tapioca balls, and soya) (Anything with the words "bean curd" sounds absolutely disgusting to me!)
* Inexpensive Cosmetic Procedures
* MADS (Mothers & Darlings - support group for mothers with small children)
* Turrones (sweet nougat)
* Fried Bananas
* Mangoes
* Purses
* Luxury living
* Seamstresses
* Abundance of tropical fruits and flowers
* Beautiful quilts
* Inexpensive restaurants
* Ya Yas (Nannies for your children)
* Funny phrases - fall in line, for a while
* Free live music every weekend at a variety of venues
* Inexpensive language classes
* Classes for everything you can think of, and for all ages - dancing, instruments, cooking, wine, singing, yoga, pilates... the list is truly endless
* Museum Volunteers day tours
* Restaurants open past midnight
* International cuisine
* Grocery delivery
* Always a helping hand to help with bags

To that list, I'll add:
* Videoke (Video Karaoke - so much fun!)


Kristi said...

Okay, I moving too!!

Stephanie said...

I read this list before I read the frustrations list and thought "She is never going to want to come back!"

Becky said...

you're having way too much fun!
If you want, I can stand really close to you all the time after you get back. You know, in case you start missing the Philipines.

Amberly said...

Ha! That's okay, Becky. I'll pass.