Sunday, October 7

So Brave!

Nicholas is so proud of himself for being "so brave"! And, of course, so are we! So, we took some pictures this morning of our big, brave boy. And, he gave the camera the best smiles!

All ready for school this morning, even with a wounded thumb:

Trying so hard to give two thumbs up:

Cleaning the wound & changing the gauze. He says it "tickles":

And, lastly, his fat, swollen thumb with three blue stitches:

Can I just say how wonderful it is to have a nurse on call at the condo? I don't have to remove the gauze or bandage myself... I don't have to clean the wound... I don't have to wrestle a wiggling 3-year-old & pin him to the chair so he will sit still. All I have to do is hold him in my lap & comfort him while someone else does all the hard work. I love it!


Becky said...

yikes! that looks terrible!
it makes my thumb hurt just looking at it!

Rachel said...

Good grief - I can't believe he hurt his thumb that badly by slamming it in a door! But, I'm glad to see he's definitely got a smile on his face, which means that you probably do too!

Kristi said...

Nicholas...You are the MAN!!

aunt carolyn said...

I think Mom is very brave, too! I'm so sorry he's hurt, but that is the sweetest pic of him smiling!