Monday, October 1

Nick at School

Periodically, the teachers at Nick's school send out "Observation Letters" to the parents. These are basically just a cute, short summary of something their child did at school.

For the month of August, we received this Observation letter for Nicholas:

"What Nicholas Did and How He Did It
August 2007

Arrival Time

One morning, Nick and his Mom arrived. Teacher greeted him as soon as he entered the door. “Good Morning, Nick.” Teacher said. Nick looked at Teacher with a big smile on his face. His mom helped him put his bag inside his cubby hole. After putting his bag inside his cubby, Nick went straight to the Circle Time area. He hopped on the square boxes pasted on the floor with their names and symbols printed on it and slowly looked for his name and symbol. He stopped at a picture of an airplane. He called his Mommy, pointed to the picture and said “Mommy, look! It’s my airplane!” Mommy approached him and looked at the picture that he was referring to. “Your name is written under the picture of an airplane. That’s awesome, Nick!” she said while giving him a high five. Nick sat down on his name and looked at the other pictures beside his name on the circle. Mommy hugged Nick and waved goodbye.

Pretending to be a Lion

It was Choice Time, and Nick, Taiga and Kyler were playing with the empty cereal boxes at the Creative Dramatization area. Suddenly, Teacher saw Nick crawling on the floor with a grumpy look on his face. He approached the mirror and started to make an animal sound. “Ro-war! Ro-war!” he mumbled while looking at his reflection on the mirror. Taiga and Kyler noticed what he was doing and started imitating him. Teacher approached the three of them and said, “I think Nick is pretending to be a Lion. What other animal sounds and actions can we make?” Nick continued making a roaring sound and answered, “Lion!” Taiga and Kyler started making barking sounds while looking at themselves on the mirror. The three of them giggled as they watched themselves make animal sounds and do animal actions."

Kyler & Taiga are two of Nick's best buds at school. All three of them are so cute together. They have lots of fun at school... sometimes too much fun, I'm sure. But, that's why I love his school... because Nicholas has a great time & loves it also!