Sunday, October 14

Olivia Oink & Mr. Fluffy

(I have insomnia right now... so I'm posting AGAIN!)

Samuel & Sydney's Kindergarten classes each have a class mascot. Samuel's class mascot is a cute little stuffed pig named Olivia Oink. We had the privilege of having Miss Olivia Oink as our guest a few weekends ago. As part of the class curriculum, Samuel had to take pictures & write in Olivia's journal. Here are some of the fun pictures we took:

Samuel & Olivia Oink Playing Video Games

Olivia Oink Met a Mime at Greenhills

Olivia Oink & Friends at Chili's

After a long day, Olivia Oink shares a bubble bath

Olivia Oink plays dress-up with Samuel (a.k.a. Flash)

Olivia Oink dressed in a Spidey shirt with the Spiderman posse

And, last but not least, Olivia Oink is appalled at what our family eats for breakfast!

Then, last weekend, Sydney was able to bring home her class mascot, Mr. Fluffy. Mr. Fluffy is a great big cuddly bear who had lost his eyes, but received new ones thanks to one of Sydney's classmate's mother. Sydney got to bring home Mr. Fluffy on Daddy's birthday weekend and she was very excited. Here are the pictures she took for his journal:

Mr. Fluffy meets Sydney's friends from Germany

Mr. Fluffy helps us celebrate Daddy's birthday

Mr. Fluffy & Sydney enjoy chocolate cake

Mr. Fluffy & Sydney exercise together

Mr. Fluffy & Sydney brush their teeth

The kids & I must admit, Mom & Dad, enjoyed staging each of the photos. It was a fun class project!


Anonymous said...

Those are hysterical! Of course, I must agree with Olivia Oink.........your breakfast is appalling!!


Supermom-In-Training said...

I love the class mascots! So much better than bringing home the class hamster!!

Mandy Boyd

Lindsay said...

Too cute. Kimber would really like the pig. For some reason she is really into pigs right now. Your banana pudding looks so good!

Dara said...

So much fun!!! Love the posed pics! We got to do this last year with a little bear from Emma's class. Sadly, I don't think that her class is doing that this year. Oh well!