Monday, October 1

Observation - September

After I posted Nick's August observation letter, I received an email from the school director with his new September observation letter attached:

"What Nick did and how he did it
September 2007

“I did it!”

One morning, during Choice Time, Nick chose to play with the dough that Teacher prepared. Nick was trying to make a ball by rolling the dough on the table. Teacher was sitting in front of him and watching what he was doing. “I can’t do it!” he told teacher with a frown on his face.

Teacher encouraged him to continue what he was doing and said, “Nick, you can do it. Just continue rolling the dough.”

He tried to do it again and patiently rolled the dough on the table. He finally made a round shape. With a big smile on his face, he grabbed the round dough from the top of the table, held it up in the air and exclaimed, “I did it!” Teacher gave him a smile and said, “You did it, Nick! Good job!”

Nick was drawing sweeping circle like marks on his paper when he suddenly dropped the crayons on the floor. Teacher said, “Please pick-up the crayons, Nick.”

Nick patiently picked up the crayons one at a time and carefully placed them in the box. “I did it!” he said as she showed the box to Teacher. “Very good, Nick!” Teacher said as she gave him a quick hug."

Love that school!


Stephanie said...

What cute stories! That is such a great idea to send home stories like that!

Kristi said...

I love the way they teach through the child and not at the child! How blessed you guys are to have such a great school!

Dara said...

What a wonderful way to give parents a glimpse of their child during school time. I always wonder if they have fun, how do they act, what do they do... I love this "observation letter" format. Those will be fun to save for him! Sounds like a wonderful school!!!