Monday, October 29

Early Morning Fireworks

At 12:30 am, I started hearing popping sounds, like gunshots or fireworks. Sure enough, I opened the curtains to look out the window & saw another beautiful display of fireworks. AT 12:30 AM!!!

Sometimes I feel like I live in the city that never sleeps, but seriously... fireworks at half an hour past midnight for no apparent reason?! It's not Independence Day here. It's not New Year's Eve. It's just October 30th.

I completely love fireworks, but when you start hearing noises that sound like they might be gunshots after midnight, it's a little unnerving. As Sammy loves to continuously remind me when I start questioning the way things are done in the Philippines, "Remember, you are not in America anymore." Yeah, yeah...


Jonetta said...

Your fireworks episode reminded me of something that happened during those 6 weeks I was living in Asuncion, Paraguay in a hotel with baby Jared. I woke up early one morning (about 4 am) to the sounds of gunfire and cannon booms. I started freaking out. Looked out the windows and couldn't see anything. Turned on the tv, but heck if I can understand Spanish spoken so rapidly! So I called the States and got hold of Mark begging him to turn on CNN and find out what was going on in Paraguay. I was convinced it was another political coup and I was caught in the middle of it! He couldn't find anything in the news, so I sat in my hotel room planning how I'd escape until breakfast time rolled around. Once I got the nerve up to go to breakfast at the hotel, I found out that it was just the military's monthly exercise of mock fighting out at the port. Oh, well, gee - somebody could've warned me before I had packed all my stuff up and developed an elaborate escape plan!! :)