Monday, October 1

Nick is 3

(Nick posing with his birthday sign made by his preschool teacher, Teacher Erika.
At most of the schools here, they address the teachers by "Teacher (first name)")

Last weekend, we celebrated Nick's 3rd birthday. I can't believe my baby is three!! I mean, seriously... how did 3 years slip by me that fast? It's incredible!

First off, he enjoyed cupcakes with his friends at school:
I love my friends!
This cute sign was made by his teacher & his classmates.
(They know how much he loves Spiderman!!)
After his school party on Friday, we celebrated Sunday morning with a birthday breakfast in the condo dining room:
Thanks, Mimi & Papa, for the cool Spiderman robot!
Opening his gift from Samuel:
WOW - The Green Goblin!
Thanks, Bub!

Later that afternoon, we invited some friends over for a little party in our home. It was small & cozy, but fun!

All dressed & ready to party!
Blowing out the candles on the cake Sydney & her friend, Rebekah, made.
They did it all themselves! (Can't you tell?)
We even hired a handsome guy to come make balloon animals!
He was awesome!
Despite a few setbacks (I was sure missing a Wal-Mart or Target when shopping for party supplies!), our first birthday celebration in the Philippines went off without a hitch! Nicholas had fun & that's all that counts!
(Nicholas & Samuel both have taken up the sport of climbing our doorframes.
Here is Nick at the top of the doorframe, posing with his "Happy Birthday" banner.)


jennyc said...

Wow - balloon animals and a homemade cake - what more could you ask for?! It sounds like a wonderful party! I love the school's observation letters, too. That is a really neat idea!

Anonymous said...

I must admit that the man you hired to make balloon animals for Nick's party is better looking than the Batman Jonetta hired for Jared's party! :)

LOVE the expression on Nick's face when he opened the gift from Samuel, and also when he was hugging Samuel's neck! So precious.


Amberly said...

Wow - Mom, that's really not saying much for Sam, you know?!?! :)