Thursday, May 31

The Philippines

I'm not sure how you say "hello" in the Philippine language, but I guess I better learn soon. Our family will be moving there this summer! As in the first week of July!! Of course, I believe that English is also widely spoken there, which will make our transition much easier.

Sammy accepted a 2-year assignment there & will start in late June. He'll then come back to move us all over with him in early July.

We are excited! This will be such a wonderful opportunity for the kids. They'll get to experience an international school, most likely the International School of Manila. And, I'm sure we'll all have a much greater appreciation for the blessed life we live in Texas. It's a great career move for Sammy & a fun adventure for our entire family!

We would appreciate your prayers on our behalf, since we have so much to do before moving. SO MUCH!! I've never experience anxiety before yesterday. But, now I know exactly what it feels like. And, my stomach has been upset for about a week now. I know that things will get done on time (they have to!), but my nature is to worry & I do it well. So, I am grateful for any prayers, good thoughts or vibes sent our way!

We'll keep you posted...


Lynn said...

I am happy and sad. I am happy that you are happy. I am sad because I have just begun getting to know your kids and I love them! They are so precious and are beginning to open up and show their personalities. I think Nicholas is much more outgoing than Samuel and Sydney were at his age. So I will miss watching them grow. I know the anxiety you are feeling. Just take a deep breathe and take one day at a time. If you have any sit down jobs, let me know and I will be glad to help.

jennyc said...


WOW - What an adventure. I'm happy for your family - but sad you'll be leaving Wylie. I would love to see you before you go and let me know if I can help you with anything.


Pauler Family said...

That sounds so exciting. I have been trying to e-mail you and it keeps coming back. E-mail me so I can check the address.