Tuesday, June 5

A Big Tomato!!

This past Spring Break, we had to cancel our trip to my parent's house due to a tornado that passed through their land & did some damage to their home. At the same time, our little 'ol town of Wylie experienced several tornadoes in a short period of time. So, the kids became pretty familiar with tornadoes... what we do if a tornado is near... where we go when we hear the tornado sirens, etc.

Yesterday evening, a pretty big thunderstorm came rolling into Bastrop. We were sitting out on my parent's front porch, watching the clouds come closer, awestruck by the beautiful lightning & listening to the thunder. The kids were running around on the porch & having a great time! When a particulary loud thunder roared in the sky, Nicholas came sprinting back towards where I was sitting & shouted, "MOM, IT'S A BIG TOMATO!"

He knows all about tornadoes... he just doesn't quite know how to say it yet!!


Becky said...

probably, the protocol for humongous tomatoes is very similar to that for tornados. duck and cover.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the smile that put on my face today! Children are just so precious and you have three of the best! I am also envious of just the thought of sitting out on a front porch. I could sit out in my back yard I guess, but because of the fence and neighbors houses, still would not see too much. I used to think I would not like to live in the country, but more and more it is enticing.