Friday, June 15

Nick's Surgery

We had a surgical consultation Monday afternoon with a pediatric surgeon for Nick’s umbilical hernia. Originally, we were going to wait until he was about 4 or 5 years old to perform this surgery on him. However, given the current circumstances of our move, we decided to see if it was possible to be done before we left the country. So, he & I went in for a visit & the doctor agreed that it would be fine to go ahead & perform the procedure. What totally took us by surprise was the fact that he wanted to schedule it for the very next morning… Tuesday, June 12. The surgeon was so great to work within our very narrow timeframe & for that, I am completely thankful! So, Nick, Sydney & I went in to the children’s pediatric surgery center early Tuesday morning, so he could be prepped for his 9:00 showtime! (Samuel stayed at his friend, Josh’s, house.)

Nicholas did great & they were able to close up the hernia completely! The surgeon, Dr. Renard, told me that the hole was bigger than they expected, so he has a lot of loose bellybutton skin that he’ll eventually grow into. Kinda like all my loose belly skin from carrying the twins for 9 months… except that I really don’t want to grow into it!! I want to cut it off! But, that's a whole other story...

Eventually Nick's bellybutton will look like a normal one & he’ll be able to see his toes again soon!

For now, Mimi & Papa are so good to take care of him while he’s healing. I know they will do a great job keeping him healthy & happy while he takes it easy for a few days.

That’s just one more thing I get to cross off my list before we move…