Saturday, June 16

More on Manila

Here are some more pictures we took walking around Manila last night:

Hard Rock Cafe in Makati & California Pizza Kitchen

Lots of other flashy restaurants

Pictures of our hotel... The Peninsula in Manila

And, yes, the traffic is always like that!! FAST & CRAZY!! The honking here is outrageous! I've never heard so much honking in my life before. If a light turns green, the very next millisecond, all the cars (and, I do mean ALL) behind the very first car start honking their horns. Long & loud!! And, there are pretty much no rules on which lanes turn, which lanes go straight, etc. You can turn from any lane... even if you're in the far right lane, you can turn left. All you do is lay on your horn to let everybody know you're coming over! It's crazy! But, Sammy & I both noticed that even though there is so much traffic & it's just complete mayhem, we have not seen or heard one single wreck since we've been here. Maybe Dallas drivers could learn something from these Filipinos.