Sunday, May 6

Stupid Shoe

While I was having a breakdown in my closet yesterday (a whole other story...), Nicholas was lying in there with me playing with my shoes. He was pretending they were talking to each other. I was turned away from him, but was listening closely to him whisper this shoe conversation:

Shoe #1: "Stupid shoe."
Shoe #2: "Don't say that."
Shoe #1: "But it's a stupd shoe."
Shoe #2: "But we don't say that."

He just might make it to Broadway some day...


Becky said...

see, he listens to what you are teaching him after all! And even acts it out in unique plays. Very talented!

Lindsay said...

That is great! Totally an uplifting play to know he listens.

Rachel said...

I love that he was making shoes talk to each other! So great!

Marjonal said...

Nick is just like his Aunt Jon!! I hear shoes talking all the time, too. Except I usually hear them saying things like, "Buy me! You need me! I'd look great on your feet! Take me home!"