Wednesday, May 30

My Weather Man

Samuel seems to be following in his cousin's footsteps (and, I guess any man, for that matter!) with his addiction to the weather channel! When the latest big storm came our way this morning, he immediately turned on the TV to watch the weather. I was sitting at the computer & he was running back & forth between me & the TV to give me the report:

"They said it's in Dallas. Mom, where's Dallas?"
"They said 'roof damage'. Mom, what does 'roof damage' mean?"
"They said roads are flooding. Mom, God promised He wouldn't flood the world."
"They said its 'dusty wind'. Mom, does that mean we're going to get dirty?"

I was laughing so hard every time he left, because he was SO serious about his job! I had to write some of these down, because when he leaves home for college, I want something to remind me how his innocent little 5-year-old mind worked!! He is precious!


Dara said...

So cute! I love all the questions!

I remember my brother spending hours in front of the TV watching weather! He is still obsessed with it! I actually get into it myself a little bit. I check quite often and always know the forcast!

Weather is fun!

Rachel said...

You know, Casey likes to watch the weather channel as well. A few weeks ago when we had those two bouts with tornadoes, he was glued to the TV - so funny! I'm like Dara too - I watch the weather every morning before I go to work - it's sort of a necessity in this part of the country where you can expect just about anything during the course of a day!