Wednesday, May 23

My kids are growing up!

Tomorrow is the twins' last day of preschool. EVER! They will never go to preschool again. How did they get so big already?

Here are a couple of good pictures my friend, Dana, took of them at the Pirate Park on Saturday:

I've always said that Nicholas is going to be bigger than his older brother... he's almost there!

Sydney brought home a new pet the other day... a pill bug or roly poly. This is about the only bug she's not scared to death of! She kept it in her little cup, she let it walk all over Nick's train table, she even named it... Hoppy. Hoppy was her new best friend! Hoppy was carried around in her princess purse & was treated like royalty. Then, he escaped! Sydney walked in the backyard & was showing me how happy Hoppy was climbing all over her shirt. So, she decided to take him for a skip around our patio table. And, yes, as you can imagine, Hoppy fell off her shirt & into the cracks in between our pavestones on our patio. She was devastated!! We couldn't find Hoppy anywhere. But, I am glad to say that yesterday, Sydney found a new Hoppy. This one is Hoppy, Jr. We'll see how long he/she lasts...


brandi said...

I have millions in my yard. Anytime she wants a new one PLEASE let me know. haha. These little bugs are really cute.