Wednesday, May 16

Birthday Party Photos

Here are a couple of pictures of Samuel's & Sydney's birthday parties we had at the end of March. (We just got our camera back from the repair shop... unrepaired! That's a whole other post. Ugh!)

Samuel's Army Party

Jackson, Bryce, Uncle Jake (a.k.a. The Sarge), Samuel & Braeden

Sydney's Unicorn Party

My friend, Kelli, made Sydney's beautiful unicorn cake! She teaches at the same preschool Sydney attends & was talking to her one day during their play time about making her cake. Kelli said she was describing to Sydney what her cake was going to look like... a pretty white unicorn with a pink mane & tail. Sydney interrupted her & said, "No, I don't want a white unicorn. I want a pink unicorn with purple hair." So, that's what she got! That's Sydney for you... she definitely has a mind of her own!