Friday, May 25

Nick's First Dentist Visit

Nick went to his very first dentist appointment on Monday. And, he did great!! He loves to do whatever his older brother & sister do, so he was excited to get to walk back with them.

As you can see in the picture above, he was very happy, but wouldn't tear his eyes away from Curious George long enough to look at the camera! Thank goodness for TV screens at the dentist!!

What a smile!

And, I can't leave out pictures of my other two great kiddos:

Clean mouths!!!


Lynn said...

Sure wish I could wear headphones or watch T.V. when I go to the dentist. It would sure help! Such cuties!

Julius Ainsworth said...

It’s great to see that your son was excited by the prospect of having his teeth checked out. I think his siblings serve as great role models for him too. He seems to have done very well! I hope that he’s still as good with dentists as he was when he was a kid.