Tuesday, May 15

My New Favorite Drink...

I seem to go through these phases where I find a drink I love, then devour it for days, weeks, months until I can't take anymore. It used to be a Cherry-Lime Slush from Sonic. YUMMMM!!! Since high school, that was what I would order in place of a soda with my meal deals. Then, I tried a Cherry-Limeade one day & fell in love with it. I would call Sammy & have him stop at Sonic to bring me home a Cherry-Limeade every day from work. They are so good!! Then, while we were in-between homes this past summer & living with Carolyn, she made this great mixed drink... half Cran-Grape juice, half Citrus Fresca. (It's funny to see people's reactions when I tell them our elder's wife introduced me to a great mixed drink she makes at home!! LOVE IT!) It's delicious!! And, much cheaper than buying a large size drink at Sonic every day! Seriously... you need to try this concoction!

However, I am now hooked again on a new Sonic drink... the Tropical Mango Tea. It totally hits the spot! I've tried their Peach Tea & their Raspberry Tea, but they just don't compare to this delicious Tropical Mango Tea! It is truly so good! You gotta try it!!