Thursday, June 26

Thank You!

Thank you so very much for your prayers & well wishes on behalf of Mitchell! I received the following email from my dad earlier this afternoon:

"Amberly, Mitchell's operation went great. The doctor said that Mitchell's body tolerated the operation so well that he will not be putting him in the ER for 24 hours as they normally do....he went back to his same room. They stopped the bleeding and put a plate in his head...about the size of a quarter. The great news is that it all went perfect...Praise the Lord. So, if you wish, you may call him at that number I gave you. You were not able to reach them when you called because they started operation procedure an hour earlier than they thought they would and nobody was in the room.
Love you, Dad"

What a huge relief! I appreciate all your kind thoughts concerning this very unfortunate situation!


Heather said...

Praise God! Hope Mitchell has a speedy recovery.

Becky said...

so glad to hear this good news!

Erin said...

I am so glad to hear that. What a freak accident!

Christy said...

Amberly, I just read all of this. I am so sorry to hear about it all and I will continue to pray for recovery for Mitchell.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was shocked by the horrible news, but We are all so glad everything went well. Thank God!