Tuesday, June 3


70th Birthday Morning

Today is my Dad's birthday! And, not just any 'ol birthday... but his 70th!! My Dad is 70 years young & is the best looking grandpa around! In honor of my wonderful father, here are some pictures of him in action with a few facts about him thrown in...

(The picture above was taken this morning. Our family has a tradition of making a special birthday pancake on the morning of the lucky person's birthday. Mom & Dad continue this tradition even without any kids at home.)

Proud of his "Grandpa" shirt!
(And he definitely is a very proud Papa/Abuelo to all 8 of his grandkids!
5 of his grandchildren call him "Papa" & 3 call him "Abuelo".
He loves both titles!)

Soaked at the Frio River!
(He LOVES the Frio River, but he HATES being cold!
And, he really likes his "Grandpa" shirt!)

Dad & Mom at Frio River - June 2007
(Standing with Mom beneath the flood line on the tree at the Frio River.
The river rose that much just the day before.)

Amberly holding Nick & Papa holding Samuel at edge of flood water
(We were evacuated from our cabin & still couldn't get to it yet at this point.
The boys were still in their pajamas since we had to leave so quickly.)

Papa mowing with Samuel
Papa mowing with Sydney

Amberly (pregnant & swollen with Nick) holding Sydney, Dad holding Samuel & Mom
(Mom & Dad spent DAYS painting the beautiful red wall behind my sofa since I was huge & pregnant! Dad & I realized we probably should have taken the advice of the Home Depot paint department when they suggested we use a primer. We learned the hard way... 7 coats later! Sorry Mom.)
Dad & Sydney "fishing" at the City of Richardson Great Fountain Plaza Festival
(Dad enjoys fishing & especially enjoys taking his grandkids out fishing. Even in fountains!)
Papa holding newborn Nicholas
(Dad's nickname for Nicholas is "El Milagro", meaning "The Miracle". I was diagnosed with a complete placenta previa early on in my pregnancy, then diagnosed again with vasa previa one week before Nicholas was born. We were all thankful for my miracle boy that decided to stay nice & comfy in my womb until a safe c-section could be performed.)

Papa & his turkey feeding crew
(Mimi & Papa are very proud of their wild turkeys that visit the house in the evenings. The kids love throwing corn with Papa & watching the turkeys come for a feast.)

Happy birthday Dad & Papa! We all love you very, very much! You are the best & you deserve the best! Have a wonderfully special birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Donnell! WOW 70years young is right! You guys look like you did when I last saw you in the late 90s. May God give you many many more birthdays.


Leah (Galloway) Flores said...

We missed you at the Birthday party. It was lots of fun. We took a big family photo, but it wasn't the same without y'all!