Wednesday, June 25

Playing in the Rain

Subic Bay Ultimate Frisbee Team!
Every Sunday evening, my friend, Heather, gathers a group of adults & kids to play team sports at the school soccer field. We meet at 4:30 and play until dark... about 2 hours or more. Rain or shine! We have played soccer, flag & tackle football and ultimate frisbee. This has become such a fun family gathering that we all look forward to attending. The kids stay busy playing on the covered playground while the adults (mostly) play on the field. Several big kids join the fun on the field & the younger ones run back & forth doing just about whatever they want! We all get great exercise & the children, of course, are completely worn out by the end of the evening!

Even Typhoon Frank can't spoil our fun! In fact, I think it was even better playing Ultimate Frisbee in the rain! We were quite drenched & muddy when the game ended, though. Fun times...

Gathering together on the field

Sam making another awesome catch

Samuel, Cade & Michael