Sunday, June 22

Our Father's Day

We had a nice & relaxing Father's Day last week. Sam only asked for a day of doing whatever he wanted, so the kids & I tried hard to stay out of his hair. He slept in, he watched TV, he went for a jog, he played video games & he read some of his book. While he was relaxing inside, we decided to make him a Father's Day card outside on a cement slab located on the side of our house. We worked hard & used up all the sidewalk chalk we happened upon one day at the store. (Sidewalk chalk is almost impossible to find here & is currently not sold anywhere nearby, but we are waiting on a care package from my mom with a new bucket of sidewalk chalk inside! YEA!) Here are some pictures of our wonderful artwork!

Nicholas was excited to go inside the house & get Daddy to come see his "card"

Our cement card

Mommy & Nicholas pose in front of our portraits

Sydney & Samuel pose on their chalk outlines


Lynn Leaming said...

What a fun and creative way to make Sam a card!! Loved the pictures of Sydney and Samuel in their body chalk :)

Feeny Family said...

I think that's the cutest, most creative Father's day card I've ever seen! I'm sure you guy's had fun drawing it:-)

Sarah F.