Wednesday, June 25

Urgent Prayer Request - My Nephew, Mitchell

I have an urgent prayer request...

My 12-year-old nephew, Mitchell, was dropped on his head by a high school boy at his church lock-in this weekend. The boy asked Mitchell not to tell anyone what had happened, saying that it would be their secret. After complaining to his 15-year-old brother (my oldest nephew) that his head was hurting, his brother called home to his parents. My sister & her husband picked up Mitchell, who then told them for the first time what had happened. They took him straight to the Emergency Room & a CAT scan revealed a 4 1/2 inch crack in his skull. He was then taken to Dell Children's Hospital in Austin for a more thorough head scan. The scan revealed internal bleeding. He was kept overnight & monitored. And, he has been there ever since. They just performed another scan on his head to see if the bleeding had stopped & it hasn't. So, the doctors made the decision to operate. They will cut a portion of his skull & cauterize the wound to stop the bleeding. They have assured my sister & her husband that this is a routine procedure & he will be fine by tomorrow. The surgery will be done this afternoon & will take approximately 1 1/2 hours.

If you have a chance, please say a special prayer for my nephew. I know hearing the words "routine surgery" should instill a sense of peace & calm in our family, but they are cutting open my nephew's skull for heaven's sakes. It's a scary thought!

Also, I know the high school boy's family must be feeling terrible about all this. They all go to the same church & I'm sure his parents are just completely distraught over the fact that their son caused this. As a mother, I can't begin to imagine the shame & disappointment & anger his own mother must be struggling with. Please remember them in your prayers also.

Thank you so much! Your thoughts & prayers are truly appreciated!

(Here is a family photo so you can see who you are praying for... Mitchell is the shorter boy with glasses.)


Anonymous said...


I'll be praying for Mitchell! How scary!

Carol Smith

Dana Lynne said...

Amberly - I just said a prayer for Mitchell and his family, as well as for the high school boy's family. I was absolutely distraught as a complete stranger reading your post, so I cannot imagine what everyone involved is going through. We will continue to pray for everyone, especially Mitchell and his recovery. Please keep us posted. Hugs, Dana

Anonymous said...

Prayers from San Antonio TX are on their way. Please keep us posted, prayers are strong! Everything is going to be okay.

Lynn Leaming said...

Thanks so much for giving us the blessing and opportunity to pray for Mitchell, his family, and the boy who dropped him and his family.
I know God has heard all those prayers and has Mitchell in the palm of His hand. I hope the surgery was uncomplicated and he has a complete healing soon. What a hard lesson to learn that often "goofing off" can have not so fun consequences. Give us an update when you can.

Kristi said...


Deann said...

Hey Bert,
I've been slow in checking the updates and should have contacted you before this, but really had to with this post. My thoughts and prayers have been with Mitchell and the rest of the family since reading this post earlier. Most of the family is now is the Austin area so please let us know if there is anything at all that anyone needs. Going on that mission trip way back in high school would have given you some good experience on overseas living. :) Email me when you get the chance so we can catch up. It's been way too long!

Love to all of you!


Mimi said...

Just back from the hospital. Surgery went better than expected; Mitch did not even have to go to ICU but was able to go back to his room. Thanks so much for all the prayers for both families!

Anonymous said...

i'm praying!!!

-karen heflin

Feeny Family said...

We will keep them in our prayers!

Sarah F.