Wednesday, July 2

Batty Saturday

The kids & I ventured out to a friend's new condo unit this past Saturday. We enjoyed swimming in their new pool & playing at the nearby playground. It was a great way to spend a Saturday while Daddy was at work.

New Hanjin Condos
Lap Pool with Playground in Distance
Shallow Kid Pool
Kids Swimming in Shallow Pool
(Nick's friend, Seo Jin, on left side)
Strong Swimming Brothers
Sydney Swimming in Bubbles
Nick's Friend, Chan Woo

On the drive home, we noticed hundreds of bats flying overhead. It was their daily migration time. We pulled the car over, rolled down our windows & stuck our heads out to watch these amazing creatures up close & personal. I was glad I had my camera handy to snap some great photos.

Favorite Bat Photo
Bats Hanging in the Tree


Carolyn said...

BATS?! I bet Sherrybaby N wishes she was right there in the middle of 'em! I have been away from my computer for a few weeks and am trying to catch up. We think of you and your sweet family so often. Love you!

Jonetta said...

Ewww! We like going into to Austin to watch the Mexican Freetail bats fly out from under the bridge, but your pics looked too "up close and personal"! I bet the boys loved the 2nd one -- it looks like Batman!!! Creepy and Cool!
Love ya!

Achilles said...

The New Condo is nice but bad spot to build a luxury building.

The Olangapo forest or should I say Clark Forest was preserved by the US government on illegal logging and a major place to train special forces of the USAF but the Philippine government probably decided to sell part of it to a Chinese investors. Good investment on part of the Philippine Government but bad for the environment.

Those bats I think are one of the different varities of bats in the Philippines.

There is another bat in the Visayan region that is bigger than a 4 year old kid.